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Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Written by the Catholic Priest GABRIEL VILA VERDE, currently in Brazil

We live in a time where they want priests to get married and married people to get divorced.

They want heterosexuals to have relationships without commitment, but for gays to get married in the church.

That women dress as men and assume male roles and that men become "fragile" as women.

A child with only five or six years of life has the right to decide whether he will be a man or a woman for the rest of his life, but a child under eighteen can not answer for his crimes.

There are no places for patients in hospitals, but there are incentives and sponsorship for those who want to change sex.

There is a free psychological accompaniment for those who want to leave heterosexuality and live homosexuality, but there is no support from this one for those who want to get out of homosexuality and live their heterosexuality and if they try to do so, it is a crime.

Being in favor of family and religion is dictatorship, but urinating on crucifixes is freedom of expression.

"If it's not the end of time, it must be the trial ... "

Lighter water!

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